Team of priests and deacons


Rev. Fr. Josep Maria Turull i Garriga

Fr. Turull was born in Parets del Vallès in 1966. He was ordained as a priest on December 22nd of 1991. Turull graduated in Systematic Theology at the Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya. He was vicar of the Parish of Sant Maria in Barberà and of the Mare de Déu dels Àngels in Barcelona, as well as rector of the Parish of Sant Ramon de Penyafort. Turull was episcopal vicar in the Zone 2 (Barcelona). He is a professor at the Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya. Turull was appointed rector of the Seminari Conciliar de Barcelona and of the Seminari Menor in 2005. In 2009, Turull was named canon of the Barcelona Cathedral. From 2011, he was in charge of the liturgical celebrations at Sagrada Família, and on September 29th he initiated his service as rector of the Sagrada Família parish and of the basilica. Recently, he has been appointed as Prior of Saint George’s Chapel at the Palau de la Generalitat. Turull is also the diocesan secretary of tourism, pilgrimage and sanctuaries director.
Assigned priest

Dea. Ricard Mejía Fernández

Dea. Ricard Mejía Fernández, born in 1987. He is a diocesan priest from Mallorca and a university professor.
After doing the pastoral stage in the city of Manacor, he was ordained deacon in the parish of Santa Maria la Major d'Inca and priest in the Cathedral of Mallorca. He began his ministry as deacon of the grouping of parishes of the Mother of God in the vicinity of Inca and chaplain of the Regional Hospital. He was appointed rector of the parishes of the Immaculate Conception in the city of Palma. He has been director of the Diocesan Library of Mallorca, member of the Technical Commission of Libraries of the Insular Council.
He holds a degree in Ecclesiastical Studies from the Faculty of Theology of Catalonia, a degree in Philosophy from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, a master's degree and an international doctorate in Logic and Philosophy of Science from the University of Salamanca. He has been a researcher and professor at the universities of Memphis (United States), Paris (France) and Leuven (Belgium).
He currently works in the intellectual training of candidates for the ordained ministry of the Catalan dioceses and their laity as a professor and academic secretary of the Faculty of Philosophy of Catalonia. He is also an associate professor at the La Salle Faculty of Philosophy, Ramon Llull University. Mr. Ricard Mejía is especially dedicated to the dialogue faith and science, being appointed in 2021 as an academic of the International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR), based at the University of Cambridge, and has numerous publications both in our country as abroad.
He collaborates, both with the parish and the basilica, in all pastoral areas.
Assigned priest

Rev. Fr. Joan Carles Izquierdo García

Fr. Izquierdo was born in San Pedro Manrique (Soria), in 1963 and, when he was young he moved with his family to the Sagrada Família neighbourhood in Barcelona. He graduated as a Technical Architect at the Escola Universitària d’Arquitectura (EUATB) and practised as one. He was ordained priest in 2001. Izquierdo was vicar of the parish of Santa Maria de Caldes and later rector of the Església del Roser de Cerdanyola del Vallès, a task that he combined with being a vicar at Sant Martí de Cerdanyola. Afterwards he was sent as a priest in the Quasi-Parròquia of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona at the spiritual and religious attention service of the sick, the relatives and the health professionals. At the same time, Izquierdo was also sent as an Advisor at the Servei d’Atenció i Formació (SAFOR) of the Universitat de Barcelona at the Diagonal campus. Then, he was appointed first vicar and later assigned priest at the parish of Sagrada Família.
Assigned deacon

Dea. Jordi-Albert Garrofé

Dea. Garrofé was born in Barcelona in 1965, he is married and father of two children. He received the deaconal ordination in 2008. Garrofé has studies in Religious Sciences at ISCREB and in Institutional Relations and Protocol. He has obtained various postgrads and master’s degrees. Professionally, Garrofé has held different managerial positions in communication and public relations at multinational technological companies. In 2010, he was incorporated at the Communication Department of the Barcelona Archbishopric, where he collaborated until October 2018. He has been assigned deacon in the Parish of the Crist Redemptor (Guinardó). Garrofé is a member of the diocesan service for catechumenate, attending those adults who wish to be Christian. He was also Counselor of the Centres d’Esplai del MCEC for over 10 years. In July 2018 he was appointed assigned deacon of the Sagrada Família parish and of the basilica.
Assigned priest

P. Joby Sebastian Kappiparambil

He was born in Kerala (India) and entered the Missionary Society of the Apostle Saint Thomas. He was ordained a priest on January 1, 2015 and came to Barcelona two years ago to do a master's degree in communication at Blanquerna-URL. Now the doctorate begins there. With your collaboration, from Monday 13 November, we will be able to offer a mass in English at the Sagrada Familia from Monday to Friday at 10am, especially for pilgrims.