Group of Bearers of the Holy Christ

The Holy Cross is the Christians’ sign and constitutes, therefore, object of devotion and one of the most adequate pious motifs according to our Christian character.

Jesus died nailed on the Cross and transformed —with his martyrdom— what was an instrument of plea into a symbol of redemption.

Among the many manifestations of fervent devotion to the Cross, flourished in our land, we highlight the Bodies of Bearers, parochial groups destined, hence the name, to bear the Holy Christ in every processional function that presides the Sacred Image of the Crucified.

The Body of Bearers of the Sagrada Família was recovered in 2019, resuming a tradition that has already been present during the first times of the parish in the last century.

This Body of Bearers, formed by men and women, rehearse throughout the year so that they can perform their service specially on Good Friday in the celebration of Lord’s Passion, the Way of the Cross and also during Lent in their Ways of the Cross that are celebrated.

To become a member, you only need to contact the Pastoral Office.