Culture and recreation

Painting on clothes

Group of ladies that get together to learn and improve the “acrylic” painting technique on clothing. They make any types of clothes, t-shirts, napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads, slippers, sneakers with personalized designs. They meet on Tuesday mornings.

Cut and tailoring

Group of ladies who get together to: learn cutting and tailoring by perfecting the different techniques, modernising the pieces, interpreting the cutting patterns, learning to take measurements and make the base pattern of the garment.

They meet on Tuesday afternoons.


Group of ladies who get together to learn, practice, and improve the techniques of cross stitch, crochet, patchwork, embroidery and a long etc., sewing all kinds of home objects and clothing: bedspreads, cushions, blanket cushions, table runners, “tapetes”, handbags and a long etc.

They meet on Monday afternoons.