What is the sacrament of Baptism?

Baptism is the first sacrament to be received, for which one is incorporated in Christ and is born as a son of God, with which one becomes a member of the People of God, that is the Church.

In the first centuries of Christianity, people were baptised in adulthood, after a long time of preparation and conversion. Over time, however, the practice of baptism with new-born children was consolidated.

What is required to baptise an infant?

The request of baptism of a child must be made by the parents in person at the Pastoral Office where, in addition to receiving all needed information, all the needed documentation will be given.

Baptisms are carried out at the Crypt all together, that is, with a maximum of four families at the same time. The celebrations are bilingual, in Catalan and Spanish, according to the participants.

There is a scheduled celebration calendar, which take place usually on Saturday afternoon, approximately every fifteen days, and some Sundays a month. At the Pastoral Office you will be given the scheduled dates.

What documentation must be provided and how to prepare for the celebration?

  • Registration form
  • Family book (must be the original one)
  • Baptism certificate of the godparents
  • Parents and godparents must attend the catechetical formation session about the baptism sacrament (usually on Fridays before the celebration at 8 p.m.)
  • The day of the celebration you must bring a baptismal candle

Who can be a godparent?

Godparents can be a man and a woman, only a man or only a woman. They must be above sixteen years old and be baptised in the Catholic Church (the original baptism certificate must be provided). The parents of the child cannot be the godparents.

If the godparent has received baptism in a non-Catholic ecclesial community, they may be a godparent, as long as the other godparent is Catholic. However, the Catholic Church will need to recognise this baptism as valid sacramentally.

What happens if the child is above than seven years old?

If the child is above seven years old and hasn’t turned sixteen, they are in catechetical age. In that case, they are mature enough and have use of their own reason and, therefore it is them who, with their parents’ or tutors’ consent, ask for baptism.

In order to prepare themselves, they will need to start the catechesis of preparation in order to receive the sacraments of the Christian initiation (Baptism and Eucharist). You may contact the Pastoral Office for more instructions.

What do I need to do to get baptised as an adult?

Just as in ancient times the Church expected a long process of preparation, maturation and conversion for the adults that wished to be baptised, in the present this path also exists, which is called catechumenate. An adult who asks for faith has to live this process of approach to Christ and the Church. You may ask information at the Pastoral Office, so they can contact the Diocesan Service for Catechumenate, which is the team that the bishop has entrusted to attend any adults that wish to be incorporated to the Church.